More Basics


The help window can be opened from the drop down help window. Help is fairly opaque, and the index is intimidating. However, if you spell it correctly, you can get help to open to a particular subject by typing help and the command or term a the command line, such as help angles.

Help is good when you know the command you want, but may have forgot its details, but it is useless for how-to questions. It is also very brittle; for example, help angle will not show the help for angles.

Show, Set, Unset

Gnuplot has many settings which control calculations and plotting. Generally, you want these settings in place before you plot.

Use show to display a particular setting or all of them. show all, show angles. All of the settings may seem intimidating, but usually only a handful of them are necessary for a particular plot.

Use set to change a setting. To use degrees for angles instead of radians: set angles degrees. Use show angles to verify the change has been made.

Use unset to return to the default. This is like reset, but only affects one setting. unset angles.

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